Katie Price May Have A Bun In The Oven


Katie Price and FamilySay it ain’t so… Rumors are going around that Katie Price has taken 3 home pregnancy tests this week, and each one has come back positive. If it’s true, that most likely means that the father is none other than cage fighter Alex Reid — which means he possibly be getting the news while on the set of his adult film. No kidding.

In a recent TV interview, Katie had this to say:

“I’d definitely get married again and definitely want to have more babies. I get pregnant so quickly. I can guarantee I’ll be pregnant this year.”

I guess Katie’s prophetic… or she just doesn’t use birth control. I’m kinda leaning towards the latter.

Babies are always awesome. The circumstances under which they’re born… sometime are not. I’d say that getting pregnant with the baby of a cage-fighting, adult film star dude after only dating for a couple of weeks is less than ideal.

Supposedly, onlookers say that they spotted a baby bump when Katie and Alex were out at Thorpe Park over the weekend.

Still, if it’s true, Congratulations.