Katie Price Thrown To The Ground During Boyfriend's Brawl


Katie Price and Alex ReidThings got ugly at last night’s Extreme Brawl Fighting Championship when two drunken fighters got physical with Alex Reid at the couple’s VIP table. Two bare-knuckle fighters apparently were offended by something Alex did and things went downhill quick, resulting in Alex getting punched in the face and Katie getting thrown to the floor.

Luckily, none of Katie’s kids Harvey, 7, Junior, 4, or Princess Tiaamii, 2, were on the scene for the drunken ninja brawl that ensued. They must have been with Peter Andre, or a nanny. Katie was reportedly unhurt after security guards snuffed out the fight.

Surprisingly, Katie was on her best behavior during the fight, wearing a toned down dress and not showing too much of that famous skin. Maybe she’s trying to do some damage control after the well-publicized, un-mom-like antics that she pulled after Pete filed for divorce.

Still, trouble was somehow able to find her… and I’m not saying Alex is a bad guy here, but maybe it’s because she’s dating a cage-fighter who does adult films in his spare time. That’s not the kind of career that just exudes classiness.