Katie Price On The Prowl For A New Daddy?


katieprice_wants-more-babies-nakedWatch out boys, Katie Price wants another baby. She says she is a family girl and is going to follow up on that statement any way she can.

She told OK! magazine, “I’m a family girl. I certainly didn’t want my family to be broken up but it’s not going to stop me having more kids. I know I want more. I don’t think I’ll ever need to go down the route of artificial insemination or adoption. I think I’m half-decent looking enough to be able to find someone. I’ve got two gay friends so if I really want a baby I’ll have one with one of them! They’re good-looking guys and I know they would have a baby with me.”

She also said that she would have another of Pete’s beautiful babies, if he let her. Wow! What was that? Deja Vu. I swear I’ve heard that kind of thing before. Katie sounds just like Denise Richards of old when she says, “Peter Andre has produced beautiful children. I would use him as a donor because I already have children with him and they’re beautiful.”

I’m thinking that wouldn’t go over very well.

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