Katie Says She's Not Pregnant



Despite Katie Price, who is separated from husband Peter Andre, saying she gets pregnant “so quickly” and rumors of her expecting with new boyfriend Alex Reid, there will be no baby, at least not yet.

Katie set the record straight on her Twitter page:  “No no no its sooo not true looks like ill have to pee on the preggie stick to prove this not engaged of getting married. [sic]”

She continued: “I love my haters for taking time to write thankyou sooo much deep down you obviously care to take time out.

“For all people who are lovely at least you don’t believe what you read an Alex is taking legal action for bull s**t rape scene story.

“Ahhh yes I have pissed off the haters lol bet none of you haters were hugged as a child its good to love people.”

So, this means she’s not pregnant, right?  Right.