Katie's Boyfriend Gave Peter Andre A Panic Attack


alex-reid-peter-andre-kidsSure, it’s hard for a father to see pictures of his kids bonding with his ex-wife’s boyfriend — especially during a bitter divorce — but is it traumatic enough to make you black-out and wake up covered in blood? Peter claims that he had a panic attack the night after first seeing pictures like the ones on the left. When he woke up, he had a nasty bump on the head and blood all over his face.

From Peter Andre’s column:

“I honestly haven’t had anything happen like this for years, but it occurred on the same day that I saw the first pictures of Alex Reid with my children and it really set me back.

I found it unbelievably hard to see another man with Junior and Princess, and that was probably the lowest I’ve felt throughout the whole split. It’s any father’s nightmare to see pictures like that and I went to bed feeling not only heartbroken but also massively anxious.”

It’s true that Katie’s new boyfriend, Alex Reid, is not exactly the kind of guy that you’d necessarily want around your kids, e.g. he’s a cage-fighter, alleged brawler and adult film star.

Still, it’s probably not going to last and Peter really needs to get a grip on his jealousy thing. Is Peter trying to play the pity card here or what? Peter goes on:

“The next thing I knew, I woke up on the floor. I lay there for about half an hour in daze and then I noticed there was a line of blood trickling down the wall of my bedroom where I’d hit my head after losing consciousness. I stumbled into the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror, I saw that my whole face was covered in blood.”