Katy Perry & Russell Brands - Someone's Clock Is Ticking!


Katy Perry and Russell BrandOh wouldn’t you just love a Katy Perry baby bump watch? That would be fun, no? The pop starlet is currently dating Russell Brands and someone’s clock is ticking…but it ain’t Katy who is day dreamin’ of babies. It’s Russell. Recently he said in an interview:

“Regardless of what happens in my current situation, I am unlikely to be satisfied with calamitous promiscuity of the preceding five or six years…I am ready for children actually. It’s been seven years since I took drugs. I’ve made a film. I don’t have to fight so much. I’ve grown weary of the carousel.”

He says of Katy that she is “lovely”, lovely enough to be the mother of his children?  That is if she would accept such a challenge.