Katy Perry Saturday Night Live Skit: Funny Or A Slap To Parents? (Video)

katy perry snl saturday night live sesame street sketch elmo
Katy Perry Saturday Night Live

Katy Perry proved that she’s over the whole Sesame Street cleavage controversy with her appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

The singer was part of the Bronx Beat skit with Amy Poehler, and showed up wearing an extremely low-cut shirt with Elmo’s face on it. She played a 16-year old girl who developed quite a bit over the summer and is getting complaints from the local library, where she reads books to kids.

Katy’s Sesame Street segment was pulled after several parents complained that the dress she chose to wear showed too much cleavage.

Was her mockery of the whole scandal on Saturday Night Live funny? Or was it a slap in the face to those parents who thought she needed to cover up her “girls?”

Watch the video clip of Katy’s Saturday Night Live skit below and judge for yourself: