Katy Perry Sesame Street Appearance Canceled: Do You Agree?

Katy Perry Sesame Street
Katy Perry Segment Pulled From Sesame Street

There was quite a bit of hoopla that went on this week over Katy Perry’s upcoming guest spot on Sesame Street. The singer taped the segment wearing a yellow dress that was a bit low-cut, and showed a little too much cleavage for some.  She was supposed to appear on the show singing a toned-down kid version of her hit, “Hot and Cold” with Elmo.

After a video clip of her appearance was released on You Tube earlier this week, PBS received letters from angry parents demanding that it not be broadcast. One parent even said, “they’re gonna have to rename it (Sesame Street) Cleavage Avenue!”

There is definitely a difference of opinion on whether or not Katy’s choice of outfit was inappropriate for the children’s program. On the one hand, I can see where she probably could’ve selected a dress that was a little less revealing, but on the other hand, for how Katy Perry usually dresses, this frock may have been the most conservative item in her closet.

Sesame Street ulitmately chose to pull the segment since Elmo is geared for preschoolers.

What are your thoughts? Was her outfit too risque?