Katy Perry Sesame Street Appearance: Elmo Invites Her Back To Play (VIDEO)

Elmo invites Katy Perry for another playdate

Good news: Katy Perry’s “Sesame Street” appearance will be rescheduled, albeit in a different dress! “Sesame Street” producer Carol-Lynne Parente told George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America” this morning that the producers recruited Perry to the show because she’s young and hip and might attract some younger parents. They never envisioned the controversy over her low-cut yellow dress that followed, and they hope to have Perry back in the future.

In fact, Elmo popped up behind George during the segment to ask Katy to another play date. “Elmo loves Ms. Katy and we had a good time,” Elmo said. “So we’ll have another play date.”

Then Grover, who also came along in his new Super Grover outfit, joked, “George, George, George! How do you like my new outfit? It is not too revealing, is it?

Here’s video of the producer talking about the whole mess. The Muppets come on set around 3:25. What do you think has this whole thing been blown out of proportion, or are you glad they canned the segment?