Katy Perry SNL Sketch Pokes Fun at Sesame Street Controversy; Katy Perry in Elmo Shirt (Video)

katy perry snl saturday night live sesame street sketch elmo
Katy Perry's SNL sketch addresses the Sesame Street controversy

Katy Perry’s SNL sketch on Saturday Night Live last night poked a bit of fun at the Sesame Street controversy she was involved in earlier in the week.

In the Katy Perry SNL sketch for “Bronx Beat,” the morning show co-hosts (Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler) brought Perry on as a guest, a young woman whose developing bustline was distracting kids at the local library story time.

Katy Perry wore an Elmo shirt on SNL to mark the occasion, with Elmo slightly stretched to the maximum.

Katy Perry added a little extra bounce to the SNL sketch, proving that her Sesame Street duet with Elmo could have been far racier.

What do you think of Katy Perry’s appearance in this Saturday Night Live sketch? How did she do?