Katy Perry Weekend Wedding Shower…Baby Shower Soon?


Katy Perry wedding showerIn anticipation of Katy Perry’s marriage to Russell Brand later this year, her family and friends held a wedding shower for the pop star. Will a baby shower be the next party?

X17Online reports that Katy Perry attended her bridal shower over the weekend in LA at a friend’s house. The wedding shower was an Alice in Wonderland garden party theme.

Eleven of Katy Perry’s closest friends were at her shower, as well as Perry’s mom, grandma, and sister. Katy’s grandmother even brought along the picture above, which Katy posted on Twitter: “grandma brought this one outta the closet today!”

Based on that old Glamour Shots, it looks like Katy Perry was always destined for fame!

So, now that the wedding shower is out of the way, let’s place bets on whether Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage will go the distance, and if we’ll see a baby shower in their future.

I’m still thinking this is one crazy celebrity coupling…


Image: Katy Perry Twitter