Katy Perry's Parents Want Russell Brand To Go To The Light


alg_katy_perry_russell_brandSince Katy Perry’s parents have met her boyfriend, Russell Brand, they now want him to “go to the light”.

Katy’s mother Mary Hudson said: “Russell must go towards the light and not toward the darkness. Only God can take the very worst person and turn them around for good.”

If you don’t know the comedian’s story, he is a former heroin addict and alcoholic. Perry’s mom and dad are both pastors and sense that he has a spiritual hunger. In fact he and Katy’s dad even swapped books. Russell gave him a copy of his autobiography My Booky Wook and her dad gave him a copy of The Cry, a book about God’s intervention.

Right now Katy, Russell and her parents are all vacationing together in a ski resort in Austria. Imagine the discussions under that roof!