Keanu Reeves Says DNA Will Prove I'm Not The Guy


keanu-reeves-dnaKeanu Reeves has stepped up to say that he will take a DNA test.  He’s going to prove once and for all that he is not the father of  the kid that belongs to that lady in Canada. Phew… That was a mouthful.

Karen Sala has adult children and says that Keanu Reeves is the dad of at least one of them.  All her kids are in their mid-20’s.

Keanu says he’s never met the woman and he is not the father. If true, which I’m thinking it is, the courts will dismiss her case.

What is she asking for?

She’s asking for $150,000/month retroactive for child support and $3 million/ month in spousal support. The child support would cover from 1988 until maybe the present. The spousal would only be from November of 2006. Do you know how much money that is?

If my math is correct it is $145,800,000.

I’m thinking that the lady is just a little cuckoo.

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