Ke$ha Hopes To Be "Grammy Worthy" Someday

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Ke$ha Hopes To Be "Grammy Worthy" Someday.

Not everyone can receive a Grammy nomination and that is the case for newcomer Ke$ha. But she hopes to be “Grammy worthy” someday in the near future.

“It’s not that big a deal,” the 23-year-old “We R Who We R” singer tells Vanity Fair. “I was disappointed that I didn’t get nominated, but I’ve only been around for a year.”

Ke$ha already has a number of hits under her belt so it shouldn’t be long before the singer receives her own recognition.

“I plan on making a lot more records, and hopefully one of them will be Grammy worthy,” the singer says. “I’m friends with the Black Keys, and they were nominated for the first time this year. And they’ve been around for a decade. That’s like half my life. So I really can’t be a brat about it.”

Do you think Ke$ha should have been nomination or does she still need to earn that recognition?