Keith Olbermann Fired by MSNBC, Are You Surprised? [Video]


Keith_Olbermann_-_smallControversial pundit Keith Olbermann was fired yesterday by MSNBC.  Olbermann is one of best known cable news personalities, was abruptly fired yesterday, despite the fact his contract with the network runs until 2012.  Olbermann was “MSNBC’s most-watched evening anchor,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Keith Olbermann had a four-year $30 million contract that was supposed to last until  2012, but Keith announced on last night’s edition of Countdown that it was his last show.  MSNBC made a statement just before Olbermann signed off on his last show, saying, “MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC’s success and we wish him well in his future endeavors.”

The parting of ways between Olbermann and MSNBC comes three months after the network briefly suspended the controversial anchorman.

Olbermann’s abrupt firing comes on the heels of the news that FCC finally approved the sale of the majority of NBC-Universal from GE to Comcast.  Media trade publications report that it is no coincidence that Olbermann got the boot as Comcast begins to take charge of MSNBC.  Mediaite reports “there is no question that Comcast had expressed concerns about Olbermann.”

What do you think of Keith Olbermann’s departure? With his ratings, I’m pretty sure he’ll land on his feet somewhere, don’t you?  Here’s a clip of Keith’s last broadcast on MSNBC:

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