Keith Sweat: Why Does Twitter Keep Trying to Kill Off Celebrities?


keith sweatKeith Sweat isn’t dead!  For a moment today fans of the R&B singer were shocked to find out that their favorite crooner had passed away from a stroke.  Then the found out the whole thing was just a hoax by a Twitter user looking to create an online scandal. 

The same thing happened last month to Blues legend BB King — also not deceased.  Kayne West was another victim and Johnny Depp.  Harrison Ford’s yacht capsized, George Clooney’s plane crashed, and Miley Cyrus perished in a car accident.  The one thing all of the celebrities have in come — THEY ARE ALL STILL ALIVE!  

Keith Sweat is alive and performing in Kansas City tonight.  So what is it with trying to kill off celebrities on the popular social media site Twitter?  Part of it may be boredom on the part of the users.  Just type in a few relatively innocent words like “so-and-so killed after falling off a cliff” and watch it go viral in minutes.  Then comes the backlash once people do a minute of research and determine that so-and-so wasn’t anywhere near a cliff at the time of their reported death.

It’s a mean and callus trick to play on the fans, family, and friends of the supposedly dead celebrity.  It’s time for the dead celebrity hoaxes to stop!

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