Keith Urban: Sunday Will Say G'day And Y'all


nicole-kidman-austrailia-sunday-rose-keith-urban-212x300As the daughter of two Aussie parents who’s being raised in Nashville, Sunday Rose Urban is likely to have a highly unique southern/Australian drawl — as well as smashing good looks and a clear path into a career in the entertainment industry.

When asked about which parent Sunday most resembled in a recent interview, Keith said that Sunday is “a great mix of the two of us. But Nic and I are very similar in a lot of ways anyway.”

Keith continues: “She has this incredible determination and focus. That was inevitable that [Sunday would] get that!”

So, has her very determined and focused father written a song about his daughter yet? Says Urban:

“I don’t know. Sunday hasn’t appeared in a literal way in a song just yet. But certainly becoming a father deepens everything in my life, and that’s apparent in the songs.”

Now, the real question: will Sunday have a southern drawl or and Australian accent:

“I always joke that when she starts talking she’s going to say, ‘G’day, y’all!’ But she’s a southern girl.”


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