Kelis Has More Than Milkshakes On Her Mind


kelis-honeymag-interview1Now that Kelis is a mom she talking a little more about motherhood than milkshakes.
She said this about motherhood: “Waking up at five in the morning and seeing that Knight’s awake and he’s got this bright, sunny, delicious face looking at me like, ‘Good morning mom.’ It’s literally the greatest thing to wake up to and it tickles me every time. I adore him.”

I have one thing to say— That whole feeling glorious that they are awake at 5 am, that is what will change.

This is so far from her original image it seems there may be hope for the world. I just hated that “Milkshake” song when it came out. I know it’s all an image, but come on it’s not a good image for any young girl to follow.

Now she has to live it down.