Kelly Bensimon — Being On RHONY Like Being in a Bad Improv Class Plus Details on Her New Show!


Kelly Bensimon sat down and gave an indepth interview with Out Magazine. This Real Housewife of New York City dished on her work on safe sex education, the trials and tribulations of the third season of the Real Housewives and her new semi secret show! Out asked Kelly about her persona on the Real Housewives, asking if her reactions were all real. She answered,my reactions are incredibly authentic, but it’s like being in a bad improv class. I’m responding to something that I wouldn’t necessarily respond to but because I am getting paid I have to respond to it. Is it a normal occurrence to me? I would never engage in fighting. It’s really not my game and I don’t find it interesting and I don’t find it evocative. I mean I find incredibly creative people evocative. I find architects evocative. I find amazing artists evocative. Do I find fighting with someone I don’t know evocative? Not really. Does it make great TV? Absolutely.”

When broaching the subject about a Kelly Bensimon show, Out asked if she was interested in having her own show, she replied,It’s funny that you ask that because my kids were saying that the other day. They are like, “We want to have your own show. People need to see who Kelly Bensimon really is.” The one reason I would like to do my own show is because I am exposed to so many unbelievable people and so I would use my show as a vehicle to explore all these different people that I know, whether it would be Richard Meier to the man that helps me with my computers.” She continued to say that, “Would it be necessarily about Kelly Killoren Bensimon? It’s never really about me. It’s always about the other people because that’s what I find interesting. I don’t really find what I do really interesting.”

Her new show, which she isn’t divulging much about, has one big gimmick. It’s a live stream of her in her “office” which viewers can log on and see her “at work” anytime through the day.  She said, “I am really excited about it. I am nervous because what if I look like crap or something, but I mean apart from that [laughs]… I guess the vanity part, but that’s it. I would love for people to see watch me make mistakes — I would love it.”

And Kelly also seems to be growing tired of the dialogue between the housewives. She would like to have more “interesting dialogue.” What would she like to tackle?  She said, “Talking about sex. All of us have kids. What are you doing? How are you teaching your kids about safe sex? Is your daughter having sex? I mean don’t you think America, don’t you think all the women in America that are in their forties would want to hear how New York women are dealing with their kids thinking about sex — starting to learn about sex and the possibility of engaging in it? Don’t you think people want to hear about that? Or going to back to work at forty years old — how do you go back to the workplace after you did not work for so long? Or charity work. How do you actually start a charity? Basically, more information is what I’m saying. It’s like teaching people how to do stuff.

Would you watch a Kelly Bensimon show? And how much of a live stream would you tune into?

You can read the complete interview right here.

Photo: Bauer Griffin