Kelly Bensimon Might Return to RHONY If "They Upgrade Cast"


Bravo executives take note! Kelly Bensimon said she might agree to Real Housewives of New York City Season 4 “if they upgrade the cast to REAL New York A-list women.” Coming from a woman arrested for punching a boyfriend… A-list indeed!  She also shared via Twitter her view on who should star on reality tv programs:

“reality tv should be about REAL people, not fabricated reality stars. its a bad example for women. i want people to aspire to greatness” and she wishes “they’d show the real me. kids, dogs, horses, creativity, charity, and hard work doesn”t sell. people like fighting.”

Bensimon’s Tweet about returning to RHONY comes soon after Bethenny Frankel declared that “NBC doesn’t have enough money” to convince her to star alongside Bensimon and former BFF Jill Zarin. (Who ironically are now all cozy.)  Bensimon also had something to say about motherhood:

“Being a great mom isn’t a job, its the ultimate luxury. never confuse the two.”  This was in response to a follower noting that being a mom is a hard job / hard work. If you really want to experience Kelly in her element visit her Twitter page. Take an aspirin (or something stronger) first.