Kelly Bensimon Says RHONY St. John Trip "Against Her Will"


Either Bravo is twisting people’s arms to do things they don’t want to do, or they are casting lunatics who can’t be responsible for their actions. Kelly Bensimon told Access Hollywood that the trip to St. John where her explosive meltdown took place was “against her will” and that Bravo asked her (demanded as part of her contract?) to go even though she was not friends with the other women. My guess is producers also “nudged” Jill Zarin to make a surprise appearance for the sake of ratings and drama as well.  So, ethically, and assuming all this is actual reality, isn’t Bravo a bit unethical to put a clearly delusional woman out of her element, ply the participants with alcohol, and sit back to see what drama unfolds?

Clearly, I think individuals who go on these programs need to take responsibility for their actions. But I do think reality tv produces purposely cast people with obvious issues — then throw in a boat load of booze and BAM!  Think about The Bachelor, for example. Those women are given unlimited cocktails, many of them are probably already somewhat unstable and then the network encourages them to make absolute fools of themselves on national television. And these women have to go back to their jobs — and in some case their children — with no pride left and a nation of reality tv watches mocking them.

Between Ramona Singer’s pinot grigio habit, Sonja Morgan’s recent DWI and Kelly Bensimon’s mental illness, clearly these women were cast because they have some issues that would inevitably lead to drama. But I suppose a reality show featuring tee-totalling moms who spend their days at the park and soccer games wouldn’t make for great tv.  We can all see that right in our own neighborhoods.

Regardless, here is what Bensimon told Access Hollywood:

I was asked by Bravo to go, I didn’t want to go,” she told Access on Wednesday. “These women are not for me. Clearly, Ramona does not like me …I went against my will and the minute I got there, it was everything I hate.”

And regarding her breakdown: “I wasn’t sleeping a lot, I had a lot of anxiety…They’re [were] being mean to me…In all honesty, we’re not friends.”

“They’re playing a game. We’re playing two different games. I’m playing basketball and they’re playing hockey,” she said. “And they want blood.”

Well there’s one game they are all playing: The CRAZY game.