Kelly Bensimon's Breakdown: What About Her Daughters?


When I watched the latest episode of Real Housewives of New York City, I couldn’t help thinking about Kelly Bensimon’s two daughters, Sea (born in 1998) and Teddy (born in 2000) which makes them at that very fragile tween age.  Can you imagine going to school the day after your friends’ parents have watched your mother experience what looks like a mental meltdown on television and possibly discussing it over breakfast? Which makes me wonder about the responsibility of all parties involved.

First of course is Kelly herself. Don’t act like that with cameras rolling when you have children (or even if you don’t)!  And if you can’t control your actions, don’t sign onto a reality television show. Next is Bravo — did the executives consider the children when they showed the footage? And third are the other Housewives themselves who are reveling in the drama and publicly calling Kelly crazy.

Of course, this is television.  And like all television shows, there is a storyline — complete with heroes and villians — whether it’s a “reality show” or not. So I am always skeptical of what the truth is behind these programs, whether it’s The Bachelor, Survivor or the Real Housewives franchise. Here’s hoping Kelly is not as unstable as she appears — for the sake of her children, who didn’t sign up for this.

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