Kelly Ripa Falls Prey To the Infamous "Mom Guilt"

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Kelly Ripa talks about how she handles "mom guilt."

TV host and actress Kelly Ripa is like any other mom when it comes to balancing her busy career and spending time with her children – Michael, 14, Lola, 10, and Joaquin, 8. But she accepts that, “I’m going to fail everybody a little bit every day.”

“Guilt for me is something that I still struggle with. I always feel guilty,” says Ripa. “I think every working mother does have that guilt about failing in some way. But the way I’ve learned to sort of balance it is just by knowing that I’m going to fail everybody a little bit every day.”

“Nobody’s going to get hurt. So I just have to sort of relieve myself of feeling the pressure to do everything perfectly every day.”

One tip she’s learned from husband Mark Consuelos? Being organized. “We have consistency in our schedule. And I have to credit my husband with this, because…he’s always been extraordinarily organized, and he’s really taught me how to simplify my life through organization,” says Ripa. “My children and myself, we know what to expect every day. On Monday, this is the schedule. On Tuesday, this happens. And I think that they benefit from knowing what to expect when they get home.”

How do you handle “mom guilt”?

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