Kelly Ripa Loves Kelly Bensimon, is Baffled by her RHONY Act


Kelly Bensimon Real Housewives of New York

Kelly Bensimon, the Real Housewives of New York‘s resident curiousity, has a supporter in Kelly Ripa. And not just because the Real Housewife and the Live With Regis and Kelly host share a name. “I’ve met her many times,” Ripa said on Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens Live, which aired directly after last night’s Real Housewives of New York finale. Ripa went on to describe the Kelly Bensimon she’s met, and how that person differs drastically from the Kelly Bensimon you see on TV…

First, as a fellow mother, Kelly Ripa confided that Kelly is “a good mom. I’ve seen her out with her kids.” In fact, the Bensimon that Ripa knows shares little with the woman on RHONY and on the Real Housewives finale. “I am sort of mesmerized by the person I see on the show,” Ripa said. “The person I’ve met is a very together, with-it, calm lady.” All in all, she later noted, “I love my Kelly Bensimon.”

So what’s up with the crazy lady we’ve seen the past few Thursday nights? “I don’t know what to make of her,” Ripa told Bravo host Andy Cohen. “She knows what she wants to say, it’s all here,” Ripa tapped her head, “it’s just [a matter of] getting it out. She gets sidetracked and derails herself.” 

“Derails” is a kind word for it. And Ripa kept her characteristic kindness going when talking about the Housewives in general.

“The girls, they just get progressively more gorgeous,” she said, referring to their increasing beauty, season by season. “They see one thing they don’t like, they get it fixed.”

Wait, was that sentiment an act of kindness? Or something more sinister? You be the judge.

PHOTO: Bauer-Griffin