Kelly Ripa On "Taking Romance Out Of The Equation"


kelly-ripa-mark-consuelosIt’s a family affair for Kelly Ripa on Valentine’s Day. The morning talk show host was promoting the Cake Off For A Cause contest for Electrolux when she spoke to about her February 14 plans.

Ripa said she is going out to dinner with her husband Mark Consuelos, their three children and her parents, joking that they are “taking romance out of the equation.”

She also said that she and Mark always take the kids out on Valentine’s Day, as it reminds her of her childhood when she was excited as a kid about the prospect of getting the heart shaped box filled with candy.

Ripa added that she and Mark live Valentine’s Day a lot and is grateful they have a stable marriage.

This couple seems so sweet. I have a feeling their marriage is going to last.