Kelly Ripa's Daughter Obsessed With Her Little Pony


kelly-ripa-lola-consuelosOwning a pony… It’s the fantasy of many 8-year-olds, but sadly, it’s the reality of the privileged few. One of the lucky ones is Kelly Ripa’s daughter Lola Consuelos, who apparently spends pretty much her entire summer on horseback.

Says the proud mama:

“She’s so dedicated that she misses everything else in the summer so she can go riding.”

Do little girls still love ponies as much as they used to? It’d be a lot more convenient if you could steer your child’s obsession towards something more domestic, like maybe a kitten… or even a gerbil.

While the Jolie-Pitt children seem to be interested in rodents and acting careers, the children of TV stars like Kelly Ripa or Matt Lauer have horse-sized dreams. Both 8-year-old Lola Consulos and 5-year-old Jack Lauer took part in the 34th Annual Hampton Classic Horse show yesterday.