Kelly Rutherford Won't Be Dating Anytime Soon


kelly-rutherford-datingKelly Rutherford is busy, busy, busy. She’s busy with her divorce, being a mom and work.

The only thing she isn’t doing is trying to date though I’m sure if the right man came along and swept her off her feet she’d be all for it.
She said: “I guess if it was an incredible person, but you know when you have kids, you’re so picky. That’s the thing it changes things a lot. You’re not just thinking about how you would relate to somebody, you’re thinking about how your children would relate to someone. It’s a whole different thing.”

I couldn’t even imagine trying to get in the dating pool these days. I have two kids and I don’t think they would be very welcoming to anyone new.

It’s probably good she’s taking it slow, especially after all the craziness with her soon-to-be ex husband.

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