Kelsey and Camille Grammer Divorce Final Thursday, Is Kelsey Grammer a Jerk?


Kelsey and Camille Grammer’s divorce could be final Thursday, so that Kelsey can marry his new true love Kayte Walsh. Do you think Kelsey Grammer is a jerk for getting married so quickly?

Kelsey’s future bride is 29-years-old, a mere two years older than Spencer Grammer, his 27-year-old daughter!  Kelsey Grammer, who is 55, has put pressure on Camille for a quickie divorce so he can marry Walsh.

Kelsey and Camille Grammer were married for 13 years with two children. There was no prenup between Kelsey and Camille, so the soon-to-be ex Mrs. Grammer could get as much as $50 million in the divorce settlement.

Kelsey Grammer met Kayte Walsh on a plane (she’s a stewardess) and they’ve been attached at the hip ever since.  The divorce negotiations between Kelsey and Camille have gotten a lot of play in the media. Camille insinuated that her husband was a cross-dresser while Kelsey attempted to freeze assets from his ex.

TMZ reports that Kelsey will tie the knot with Kayte Walsh around Valentine’s Day.  The actor told a TMZ reporter, “Kayte’s my new girl, and we’re planning to get married soon.”

EW!  Do you think Kelsey Grammer is a JERK?  Talk to me.