Kendra And Hank Are Trying For No. 2 Already


kendra_wilkinson_and_baby_hank_11270101Kendra and Hank work fast! It’s only been two months since the birth of Hank IV (Dec. 11th) and it looks like the Wilkinson-Baskett household may soon be expanding for the second time.

When asked if they were planning to give Hank a sibling in an OK! interview on Valentine’s Day, they wasted no time crafting their answers. Apparently, Hank and Kendra immediately replied “Yes!” and “Oh yes!” respectively.

Says Kendra: “[Hank IV] is the best thing that ever happened to me. We love the little guy so much.”

They must be from the school of thought that once you get started, you might as well just have all of your kids one after the other. That way, they’ll each have siblings that are close in age and, as a bonus, it shortens the amount of time you’ll have kids in the house.

Here’s what concerns me though: if they have another boy, will they name him Hank as well? To me, these guys might need a little help in the names department.

Naming boys after their relatives is cool, but having two kids with the exact same name — that’s too much. Maybe they should talk to Nicole Richie, she comes up with some pretty creative names.


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