Kendra Doesn’t Approve of Kate Doing DWTS


Kendra Wilkinson apparently doesn’t think a gig like Dancing with the Stars is appropriate for her or for fellow reality star Kate Gosselin. On  the Today show this week she stated that…
“Kate is on Dancing With the Stars… I just told my publicist, if I were asked to go on Dancing With the Stars,’ I don’t think I’d do it.” She continued to say, “I would definitely say no to it, because I am that mom that wants to be there every step. I don’t want to spend three months away from my baby. I just couldn’t do that.”

But it looks like she may have regretted putting down Kate’s choice since she later posted on Twitter,  “Didn’t mean to bash Kate just meant to say I hate leaving my Sorry if ppl took it that way,” she wrote.

But she may have a reason to judge, Kate’s been away a lot. Us Weekly reported that she was gone away from the kids Feb.21 to March 5. And she’ll be spending three days a week in Hollywood for the taping of the show.

Who’s at home with the kids? There are five nannies that look out for them and the children are reportedly “depressed” and are “acting out”.