Kendra Wants a Playdate...With Mason Disick!


Kendra Wilkinson wants a playdate for her four-month old son Hank–with Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Mason Disick!

The two reality TV star kids were born within days of each other last December. And what with their moms both looking to brand themselves as super celeb-mommies, this should be a playdate match made in E!

But finding a suitable playmate for Hank isn’t just about wanting to hob-nob with the stars. It’s about getting him out of the house–and away from her dogs!
“He’s so smart. He mimics. He’s starting to notice the dogs; he’s like ‘what are those?’ I really want to start to find other babies he can be around. I don’t want him thinking that he’s a dog,” Wilkinson told Us Weekly.

Well, we’re all for Hank and Mason to start logging some quality time together on the exercise mat. And who knows? Maybe 3-month old Louis Bardo Bullock can join the party. He doesn’t seem to know too many people…yet.