Kendra Wilkinson Battles Post Baby Weight: "I Wish My Body Was The Same"


I’ve always had a bit of pooch that just will not, despite starvation and infinite miles on the treadmill, ever budge or lessen. There’s pressure for all women, so each of us knows what it’s like to look in the mirror and just not feel right. Post-pregnancy, it’s even harder.

Now imagine you’re a former Playboy bunny like new mom Kendra Wilkinson and still on TV, hitting red carpets, and under the microscopic gaze of the viewing, flaw-seeking public! The pressure has got to be insane!

Kendra gave birth to her son Hank just four months ago and has already slimmed down and showed off her bikini clad figure on the cover of tabloids. Kudos to her and a big pat on the back. She should be happy for the quick weight loss, but instead she’s feeling the pain of most moms whose bodies are just not what they were pre-pregnancy.

“My body is definitely not the way it used to be,” she tells Life & Style. “Sometimes it’s hard to face the reality of it, to look in the mirror and wish my body was the same!”

We feel her, but again-she’s skinny!  And she’s working on it.  “I’m working with a trainer, but I told him I’m not a dieter.  I love pepperoni pizza, and I can’t stick to salad.”

Staying on a good diet is always helpful. I just hope Kendra keeps her expectations in check. She looks great and it takes a while to get back into shape.


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