Kendra Wilkinson Considers Liposuction for Remaining Baby Bulge


You’d think Kendra Wilkinson Baskett would have bigger worries than a few remaining baby pounds with two elicit videos having surfaced, but it seems her main concern is getting her pre-pregnancy body back.  “I can have my old body back in a week!” she says on her show Kendra after a plastic surgery consultation. But that’s not the only physical attribute she’s dissatisfied with.

“My nose grew during pregnancy. Do you have zap-a-way treatments for, you know, stretch marks?” she asks the surgeon. “I hate my teeth. I want everything changed!” But there’s one asset she’s quite pleased with — her derriere.

My ass looks good,” she exclaims. “No lipo on my ass!”

Tune into her show on E! Sunday for the full episode — if you’re into self-punishment.


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