Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett: Trouble Before The Scandal?


Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are rumored to be on the fritz now that a sex tape the former playmate made years ago is set to be released. This would cause problems in any marriage, but how surprised could Hank be considering Kendra’s wild past?

It’s possible that the troubles began before the scandal and this is just the icing on the Things Aren’t Going Well cake.  Here are some of the issues they’ve been having:

–Kendra, despite dressing more conservatively now that she is a mother, still likes to party and ultra-conservative Hank thinks it’s too much, reports Life & Style. On April 16 she was seen dancing on-stage at a Too Short (dirty, swear-laden rapper FYI) concert while Hank visited his parents with their son in New Mexico.

–She’s been obsessing over her post-baby body. She has admitted “I was feeling unattractive…I thought Hank would look at the other girls and think that he wants his wife to look like that.”  She has also stated that she feels too tired physically and emotionally for sex a lot of the time.

–They haven’t had a stable residence, moving a total of four times in the past 13 months.  They’ve lived once in New Jersey, once in Indiana, and twice in California.

–Hank’s been stressed since the Super Bowl. He missed the ball on an important play, which caused the Colts to lose and has now signed over to the Eagles.

With so much stress in both their lives–Hank dealing with career issues and Kendra with baby weight—the naughty video could rip this pair apart. Let’s keep our fingers crossed they keep it together for their son Hank Baskett IV.