Kendra Wilkinson Has Too Much Gas, Not Enough Pickles



File this under Too Much Information: When asked about the downside of pregnancy, Kendra Wilkinson responded, “The gas! There’s a lot of gas!” Okay, so it might be true, but maybe not something you want to shout out to a room full of reporters at the ESPY awards.

Wilkinson went on to talk about pregnancy cravings. “It’s funny, I didn’t like pickles, and I didn’t know what the big fascination was about,” she said. “But I went to Ralphs and saw a big jar and thought, ‘Let me see what the big thing is about pickles.’ And I took a bite — oh my God! That thing was so good. So I have pickle cravings now.”

As for other preparations that her and husband Hank Baskett are tending to after returning from their honeymoon, Wilkinson says, “We’re starting to fill the nursery now and everything!” I’m presuming with pickles and gas.