Kendra Wilkinson: I Love Being A Parent!!!


kendra_wilkinson_and_baby_hank_112701011Yesterday, Kendra was apparently so overwhelmed with her love for parenting that she felt the need to take to tell the world (and by “world” we mean followers of her website) how much she loves parenthood (and by “parenthood,” we’re referring to the state of having offspring, not the NBC show that premiered last night).

FYI, Kendra chose to go with the triple exclamation points, not Famecrawler…

From Kendra’s post:

“Parenthood is one of the wildest and most exciting things ever. Every day is a new surprise I love it! I never knew being a mom could be this fun. It feels like every moment I spend with my son is better than the last. I never imagined that I could love anything this much, and lil Hank hasn’t even started talking yet lolol. Imagine when he says “Mommy”. Oh my god I’ll just die. Being a parent is seriously the best!”

In a way, we’re a little surprised with how well Kendra has taken to parenthood. Yes, it’s wonderful — but it not all glitz and glamor, right? Sooner or later, you’d think she might miss the nightlife a little.