Kendra Wilkinson Ignored The 6-Week Rule


kendra-wilkinson-and-hank-baskettUsually you’re supposed to wait until 6 weeks after the birth of a baby to get intimate again. Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett ignored this rule!

The couple were on Chelsea Lately’s show talking about their visit to the doctor when they openly spilled the beans about their bedroom shannigans.

“[At] the doctor’s appointment following up on everything, he goes, ‘Have you guys had sex?'” Wilkinson recalls. “This was, like, five weeks after. We were like, ‘I guess we have to be honest. Yes, we did.’ And he’s like, ‘Ugh! You can’t do that!'”

Kendra went on to blab about being on the IUD and being “careful”. Umm..ok…too much information!

How about you? Did you dutifully wait for any romance until you had your six week appointment with the doctor?