Kendra Wilkinson Isn't Happy About Philly


Kendra Baskett and her husband Hank taking their show on the road again. They are moving their little family back to Philadelphia.

Kendra, apparently, isn’t happy about the move though.
She is of the mindset of staying on the West Coast, near her family. Especially since little baby Hank IV is only 3 months old.

Did she not realize that being married to a football player might upset her plans? It’s only for a year and it should be beautiful during the summer. Perhaps not so much in the winter, but hey, you do what you have to to keep your family together.

How much of an affect will this have on Kendra’s parenting?

It might be hard to adjust to a new city after her bout with depression. She said it wasn’t a diagnosed case of PPD, but it was still depression.

Hopefully she’ll be able to take it easy for a while and just get used to the loveliness  of new motherhood.

She wants to make friends with parents because she feel she can relate to them. Um yeah, it’s kind of hard to relate to your friends that are still clubbing when you have breast pads on, hoping to heavens you don’t leak milk while at the grocery store.

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