Kendra Wilkinson Puts Sweaters on Her Dogs


kendra-wilkinsonOkay, I have a confession to make – I hate sweaters on dogs. Don’t try to tell me they’re cute, or the dogs are cold – there isn’t any good reason why a puppy needs a cardigan. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go take my cat to get her eyebrows waxed.

But oh, hey – Kendra Wilkinson put her dogs in Christmas outfits!

I guess maybe we should give her a pass because she’s expecting a baby, and pregnant women do all sorts of crazy things. Here’s what Kendra said on her blog:

“I bought the dogs Christmas sweaters haha!! I dressed Rascal as Santa Claws and Martini as Mrs. Claws lolol. The dogs hated them but they looked soooo cute with them on! I know it’s a little early for Christmas stuff but when I saw these sweaters I just couldn’t help myself! I love the holidays :)

If you read Kendra’s blog she ends almost every sentence with ‘lolol’ or that smiley face thingy. I think that might be crazier than the sweaters.


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