Kendra Wilkinson Rocks The Mom Frump Look: Celeb Mom Style (Photo)

kendra wilkinson
Kendra Wilkinson steps out in sweats.

Kendra Wilkinson is hands down one of my absolute favorite celebrity moms because she knows how to keep things real. She has never been shy about how much having a child turns your life upside down, or how hard it is to shed baby weight! In a world where most women in Hollywood are back in their skinny jeans just a few weeks after giving birth, Kendra was a breath of fresh air in admitting that she struggled to get her figure back.

Kendra looks better than ever after competing on Dancing With The Stars, but that doesn’t mean that she’s always showing off her toned body. This photo was taken of Kendra in LA while she was doing a little home improvement work, and as you can see, she’s rockin’ the whole “mom frump” look.

Most women couldn’t pull off looking cute in a pair of sweat pants and a baggy hoodie, but somehow Kendra still looks adorable. With her hair in a messy bun and hiding behind a pair of shades, Kendra still has an element of style going on.

Notice how happy and confident Kendra looks in this photo. I’ve always said that looking good comes from the inside first, and Kendra proves that this is true. She shows that you can look like a normal, everyday mom, yet still look good…even when you’ve got the mom frump look going on.

Photo: Pacific Coast News