Kendra Wilkinson Says She Has Labor Brain


kendra-wilkinson1Kendra Wilkinson, already on the cover of OK! with her baby boy Hank Randall Baskett, talks to the mag about the day she gave birth.

The former Girls Next Door star said since she knew she was having a C-section, they went out and had a big meal before heading to the hospital.

“The good thing about being induced is that it’s like planning a trip, just very calm. We ate a huge dinner before we came to the hospital.”

She added. “I was induced early in the morning; then it was wait, wait, wait. I was experiencing contractions throughout the day, and I was anxious. I kept checking the monitor every second, like “Is it happening yet?””

The baby was born at 12:37 a.m. on Dec. 11 and weighed 9 lbs, 5 ounces. Kendra says she didn’t even remember any of it proclaiming,  “I have labor brain. I forgot everything that happened!”

I hope she was joking about having “labor brain.” I’ll assume reality TV cameras were there and she can see it all on tape?