Kendra Wilkinson Spotted Buying Home Pregnancy Tests

Kendra Wilkinson

I’ve noticed lately that whenever celebrity couples talk a lot about their families and how much they love children and how they are wishy-washy about having more, that’s usually a sign that their hiding something from us. Beyonce did it, Megan Fox is doing it, and now I think Kendra Wilkinson is giving us the run-around too about it.

While Kendra’s been saying that she’s scared of having a second child because she doesn’t want to go through postpartum depression and gaining all that baby weight again, it looks like she just might be pregnant after all. The reality television star was spotted buying pregnancy tests at a CVS near her home in Los Angeles and well, we highly doubt those tests were for her assistant.

Check out the photos here and tell us, do you think Kendra is going to be preggers this year? Here’s hoping!

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