Kendra Wilkinson Talks Wild Child To Mother: I Think Some Things I Did Were Because My Father Left Us


Kendra Wilkinson has certainly come a long way since we first got to know her as Hef’s sporty girlfriend with the annoying laugh on The Girl’s Next Door. But it’s what happened before she graced the small screen that makes her transition from wild child to devoted wife and mother even more incredible.

Kendra was on the Today Show this morning promoting her new book Sliding Into Home. While ghost written, it still keeps her voice and divulges details of her past which include a stint on the pole and drug use. “I kind of lost myself for a little bit,” she stated. “I wasn’t a druggie stripper. I was a very good person doing it. [But] I was kind of still embarrassed about it.”

Some of that embaressment is still happening now. Kendra’s mother is hearing about some of this for the first time. Looking back on her actions, Kendra feels that they stem from being abandoned by her father as a child.

“I’ve been through a lot. I’ve gotten through it,” she says. “I’m home, where I’ve always wanted to be.”

Take a look at the video:

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