Kendra Wilkinson Touts Post Baby Booty


Kendra Wilkinson has referred to her post-baby body as a kind of “culture shock,” but by no means is she unhappy with every aspect of her new figure. According to Kendra, there are two sides to every story, and her favorite side in this case is definitely the backside.

According to her tweets earlier today, she’s quite happy about her new and improved post-baby booty — something that no amount of time in the gym seemed to achieve.

Tweets Kendra, “I can’t stop lookin’ at my new booty… Damn, I’m so happy!”

Still looking to firm up a few other post-baby trouble spots, Kendra is keeping it active on the soccer field. Says Kendra, “OMG, I’m so tired… Just played a soccer game in 85-degree weather.”

In a recent interview with our own Andrea Zimmerman, Kendra explained  how she wants to help show women that it’s not easy to get back into shape, even for celebrities.


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