Kendra Wilkinson's Baby Not A Good Sleeper


He may be absolutely cute as a button, but Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s son, Hank IV, 7 months, is definitely not a great sleeper. According to Kendra, little Hank actually “hates sleeping!”

Kendra describes baby Hank as driven and independent, and says that he loves to explore the world around him.  She says that he, “wants to see everything, he loves the world.”

She and hubby Hank love to put him in his walker and let him roam the house, “even though the pediatrician hates that (the walker).” Of course, Kendra and her hubby keep an eye on the adventurous tot at all times while he’s exploring.

When it’s time for a little shut eye, baby Hank fights going to sleep when laid down, because he is “a baby who does not give up.”

I totally know what she means.  My baby wouldn’t give up either when it came to fighting sleep.  Actually, I think that I was the one who finally threw in the towel and finally just surrendered to the dark circles under my eyes.

But then again, I’m not a former playmate, so the dark circles kind of work for me.  For Kendra’s sake, let’s hope that little Hank starts sleeping better soon!

Photo: Pacific Coast News