Kendra Wilkinson's December Depression


kendra-hank-ivKendra Wilkinson may be 100% happy and content right now — titling blog posts “I Love Being a Parent!!!” and whatnot — but back in December things weren’t looking so picture perfect.

Shortly after the birth of Hank IV, Kendra went through a period of feeling completely down in the dumps — it almost sounds like SAD (seasonal affect disorder) mixed with a mild case of postpartum depression.

Let’s face it, moving from sunny Southern California to snowbound Indianapolis takes some major adjustments. For someone new to Midwest winters, it can look downright bleak.

Says Kendra:

“I never brushed my hair, my teeth or took a shower. I looked in the mirror one day and was totally depressed … A couple of times, I even said, ‘I just have nothing to live for.’ “

“It was new to me — the snow and the cold… I love running and hiking. I had a hard time being trapped inside. I’d look outside and think how much I wished I could go to the beach again.”

Fortunately for Kendra, her spirits lifted quickly once Hank IV began to liven up.

“It’s crazy. My attitude has changed so much. I’m nicer. I’ve got a lot of new responsibilities. I sort of take on my baby’s personality. When he’s happy I’m happy.”


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