Kendra Wilkinson's Family & Friends Stand By Her


As the Internets ablaze with whispers that Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are on the rocks due to the upcoming release of Kendra’s sex tape, her family and friends are standing strong beside her.

Kendra’s mother Patty and her brother Collin are doing their best to be understanding. After watching her as one of Hef’s girlfriends on The Girls Next Door and seeing her spread in Playboy, you have to figure they’ve had years to prepare themselves for something like this.

“No one wants their daughter or sister to be seen like that, but they don’t fault Kendra for the things she’s done in the past,” a source tells OK!. ” They understand everyone makes mistakes.”

Her former cast mates have also come to her side. Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt have reportedly been emailing and texting her supportive messages.

But what about her in-laws? Hank is known for being ultra conservative and so is his family. 

Kendra is truly lucky. They have welcomed her into the family and understand that she loves their son and is a good mother to Hank Baskett IV.

“I will always stand by Hank and Kendra. Kendra is a great mom,” says Hanks dad Hank Baskett Jr. “You know, she’s awesome and she loves her family and that’s all that matters.”

Sometimes it takes a crisis to bring people closer. It seems like this is the case with Kendra’s current situation.

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