Kendra Wilkinson's Teething Tweets


Kendra Wilkinson took to Twitter this week to look for teething solutions for her three-month-old son, Hank Baskett IV and found some uh, unorthodox advice.

From her Twitter Feed: ‘ok im hearing whiskey n brandy… lolol if that got out that i did that id be hung’. ‘lol now im hearing a pork chop bone n tequila liololol. This is an interesting topic‘.

Evidently, the Kendra star opted to follow more conventional remedies, but even there, she was met with conflicting advice: ‘think ill stick w tylenol n frozen teethers…ok n the teething tablets n damp cloth..‘ ‘now ppl say tablets have opium..crazy how many dif opinions about this there are.

Let’s help a sister out: what strategies worked best when your kids were teething?


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