Kendra Wilksinson on Today: Talks "Kendra," DWTS and Baby Hank (Video)

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Kendra Wilkson

Kendra Wilkinson, the poster child for over-sharing, appeared on the Today show to dish about her new book – and of course, no subject is off limits!

Wilkinson talks about being a reality star and being misunderstood because of her association with Playboy, but she explains, “I wanted to prove that’s not all of who I am.”

Kendra says, “While I lived at the mansion, I still had dreams of being a mother, being a wife and being a regular woman and living my dreams.”

And now she’s doing it!

Kendra also talks about dealing with post-partum depression, which she explains wasn’t helped by living in 10 different homes in 2 years – she said she had a couple of “breaking moments,” but she’s a lot more settled now.

And Hank Jr., 21 months old, is now talking a little!

Kendra also dishes about her time on Dancing with the Stars, as she writes in her book, “Part of me felt like this is what selling out looks like.”


As for losing the baby weight, Kendra explains she went nine months without losing anything!

Check out Wilkinson’s new book, “Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails and Getting My Sexy Back.”

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