Keri Russell Says City Living Is A Trade Off


keri-and-river-in-nyc-keri-russellKeri Russell is so happy to be living in New York. She loves being able to take her son River to the theater, the park, the farmers market when ever she wants to.

It’s a far cry from the childhood she had in Colorado, but she says it’s worth it.
“You get all this city culture. We walk to go see Cate Blanchett in A Streetcar Named Desire, and we walk to go to this retrospective on Cary Grant, and it was so cool. But when [you see] the schools have asphalt playgrounds, you’re like, ‘Oh, right. That’s how the city kids do it.'”

Asphalt as a playground is okay, because they still have their imaginations, right? Plus no grass stains on their clothes.

Actually, I think it’s just a little sad when there isn’t any grass. All my playgrounds had grass growing up and I loved it. Living in a small town in Washington means that my kids will have grass as well.

Would you make the same trade-offs Keri did? Culture you can walk to or the freedom a small town gives you?

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